Find the sunglasses that suit you best

How do I know if these sunglasses will fit me? Does my face look too wide in those?

Maybe cat eye frames would suit me better?

Finding the sunglasses that flatter your face shape while matching your personal style isn’t always easy. We’ve all had that one pair of sunglasses we look fantastic in, and others that are, well… Not so great.
Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here – to make it easier for you to choose the sunglasses that will fit your face shape perfectly, be it round, oval, square, diamond or heart-shaped. We’ll let you in on little secrets on how to highlight your best features whilst covering up some minor flaws.
Woman with round face wearing Nicole Marie wire frame sunglasses

Round face

Facial features: rounded face, slightly accentuated cheekbones

Frames that suit you: rectangular, square, cat eye, aviator, statement

Choose square or rectangular frames that visually tone down the roundness of your face and give it an elongated, slender look.

Woman with oval face wearing Nicole Marie round sunglasses

Oval face

Facial features: the length of the face is slightly larger than the width, the forehead and jaw are rounded

Frames that suit you: rectangular, square, aviator, cat eye, round, oval

Due to its ideal proportions, the oval face is considered the optimal face shape that goes with just about any frame shape.
Frames that are as wide or just a little wider than your face will look great on you.

Woman with square face wearing Nicole Marie 90s retro sunglasses

Square face

Facial features: strong jawline, broad forehead and cheeks

Frames that suit you: round, oval, aviator, cat eye

Pick round or oval frames to visually elongate and soften your angular facial features.

Woman with diamond face wearing Nicole Marie cat eye/triangle sunglasses

Diamond face

Facial features: high and accentuated cheekbones, narrow forehead and jaw

Frames that suit you: oval,cat eye, rectangular, statement

Frames that have a thick, heavy browline, as well as cat eye frames that will bring about a balance between the lower and upper parts of your face will fit you perfectly.

Woman with heart-shaped face wearing Nicole Marie cat eye sunglasses

Heart-shaped face

Facial features: broad forehead, narrow chin and prominent cheekbones

Frames that suit you: round, oval, cat eye, aviator, square

Various frame shapes fit this face shape. The always popular aviators are an ideal choice, as well as thin frames or rimless glasses.

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